#ILoveYouEnough is a pioneering road safety campaign that is enabling children and giving them a voice, asking their parents and other adults to pledge not to touch their mobile phone while driving.

The initiative was founded by CEO Grainne Kelly and is coordinated by BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat. Grainne is at the forefront of Irish innovation with the invention of the award-winning kids inflatable car booster seat.

Road safety is a priority for Grainne and the company and the safety of children is at the forefront of their minds. The #ILoveYouEnough Campaign was established to tackle the issue of distracted driving and to make drivers aware that distracted driving kills. If one life is saved is a result of the campaign then it is all worth while.

Grainne created the new road safety campaign after she witnessed a horrific crash while on her way from the airport to attend a Safer Roads, Safer Kids Conference in the US. At the conference Grainne meet teen survivors of distracted driving crashes and this experience encouraged Grainne to create the campaign. Compelling her to fight for safer driving practises and as a parent, she appeals to all parents, to join us in the movement to make our roads safer for our children.

Grainne Kelly
Grainne Kelly Founder of #ILoveYouEnough Campaign and CEO of BubbleBum Booster Seat

Grainne said: “I was so moved by their experience and knowing that over 500* children around the world die on the roads every day, I had to try something to prevent drivers being distracted by their phones.

If you are touching your phone you are distracted. It is that simple. Distracted driving, speeding and poor road infrastructure are the three main causes of crashes globally. By taking the pledge not to touch their phone while driving, drivers will be making a meaningful difference to the safety of themselves, their loved ones and others on the road. You are never alone on the road, even when you are the only one in your vehicle”, said Grainne Kelly, CEO, BubbleBum.

UK Law states that it is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving unless you have hands free access. If you use hands free you must not become distracted. The law applies even if you are stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic.

The mission of the #ILoveYouEnough Campaign is to reduce the number of child fatalities on our roads. Responsible driving and parenting should be put into practise in today’s world and #ILoveYouEnough are asking everyone to join the movement to end distracted driving.

BubbleBum #ILoveYouEnough Campaign requests that children encourage their parents to make the pledge on www.iloveyouenough.com and upload their pictures to show their support, then share it on social media to pledge to make our roads safer for all and pledge never to touch their phone when driving.